Netent and Red Tiger: The Acquisition Story

Gambling is one of the oldest activities in human history and for as long as we know, gambling has been a part of the activities people engage in. From playing with familiar and friends to street gambling, the activity has been through a lot of changes for many decades. A few decades ago, gambling became a luxurious industry with the introduction of casino hotels. Even after that, the evolution of gambling did not stop as players can now gamble from the comfort of their homes or even when they are on the move. Learn more at the topnetent-casinos site.


The Full Story

With the introduction of online gambling, players began to switch from playing at land-based casinos to online casinos. However, at first, there was still a few things brick and mortar casinos has over online casinos. But, thanks to the advancement in technology online casinos can now offer a similar playing experience compared to that of standard casinos. As a result, choosing the best casino software providers have become a big part of the online gambling community. And as it stands, only a few stand heads and shoulder above others. Check out the sjglover site to find out more.

  • Netent was a part of the online gambling community in the beginning
  • The company has built a large portfolio of casino games.

As the online gambling community continue to grow, many providers have joined but they cannot yet compete with the top giants such as Netent. This is because Netent, for one, is not showing any signs of slowing down even with time. The company is continuously going strong to ensure that players are served with the best set of amazing casino games. In addition to that, players can also get a series of benefits from playing the games from the casino game development brand. It is quite easy and straightforward even for new players to get started with playing casino games from the brand.

One of the different casino game brands that were introduced after the popularity of the online gambling industry increased is the Red Tiger Gaming company. Even though the company was established in 2015, it has been able to create a good collection of casino games. In this short length of time, the company has become quite popular in the community and it has gotten a massive reputation as well. In that case, there are a few online casinos that feature online casino games from this brand in their game lobby for players who join the casino to enjoy with ease.

Even with the exciting growth that the RTG brand has gained in less than 5 years, the company was acquired in a somewhat surprising deal. However, since Netent is a big brand in the online gambling industry, it is something that can happen. Moving forward, we can expect the coming together of the two brands to bring forth some exciting game titles that will shake the online gambling world. All in all, we are waiting to see games from both Netent and RTG coming together with their distinct features to give players an amazing playing experience available at numerous casinos.